Project Activities

E.B.M.   |   01.09.2017.


Opening conference

This activity implies for the first opening conference presentation by the Headmaster of the LB of all the project activities, project partners and their responsabilities,direct target group and planned indicators, total budget and the implementation period, also the planned and expecte outputs and results.

Place and time: Virovitica, September 2017

In charge: LB


Musical heritage of the two nations – classical music

Workshop will teach children about the work and life of the Franz Liszt, and Vatroslav Lisinski through presentation in classroom on smart bord,  the children will listening and analyzing the music style in Croatian and Hunarian composers. On 2nd part children will have opportunity to exercise dance and choreography of the mentioned composers by the accompanied by the music band from B2. After the lunch the children will have the presentation in the main school hall about this workshops.

Place and time: Virovitica, October 2017

In charge: LB


Workshop of traditional folklore music and dancing

Workshop consists of two parts. The first part of the workshop will be presented characteristic folk music areas of the Hungarian, Croatian, German to the Roma. Will be presented various ensembles, folk music and perform a few original choreography dance composition of elementary. The second part will be the students with the help of leaders and teachers to introduce instruments and participants will try the typical steps seen choreography.

Place and time: Pecs, October 2017

In charge: B1


Workshop of piano

These workshop will conduct from two parts, one is short lecture from blind profesor from Music School Jan Vlašimsy Virovitica, who will describe how his disability isn't restriction for sucessfull teaching children. In second part of these activity students from music schools and primary school will practice playing piano songs that are tradicional to our cross-border territory.

Place and time: Virovitica, November 2017

In charge: B2


Joint workshop of solo and choir singing

Hungary Baranya County is a multicultural area where they lived for centuries peaceful coexistence of Hungarians, Croats, Germans and Roma. B1 would like to present this wealth through solo and choir singing folk songs in which the program will include students from schools LB and B2. One-day activity contributes to learning about the musical treasures of national minorities and connecting students and their teachers.

Place and time: Pecs, December 2017

In charge: B1


Guide through the City of Virovitica

In this event the children will read the old quidebook in the permises of LB and after they will go for a walk through the City of Virovitica with the tourist guide and translator to see the main cultural, administrative, historical and natural beauties. They will take a photography and make a sketching the location where they stand. The art and literary workshop will be in the LB. The last task will be to design and develop the Facebook site with their pictures, photos and developed texts.

Place and time: Virovitica, March 2018

In charge: LB


Study trip "Etnographical characteristics on the left side of the river Drava"

Since this is a multinational territory, while traveling, visiting various ethno house and representatives of traditional crafts, students will learn about the influence of ethnic groups in the traditions, music, gastronomy - generally the culture of each other. Through educational activities activity contributes to the strengthening of tolerance, combating stereotypes and better mutual acquaintance. Students will within the one-day trip by bus visit a large part of county Somogy and Baranya.

Place and time: Pecs, April 2018

In charge: B1


Workshop of recording in the studio

With workshop of musical studio wants to allow three music schools to join forces through this project jointly record CD with songs typical of cross-border areas, with the purpose of bringing together two culturally different regions. Students from three music schools with professors will prepare a song that will be pre-selected and trained and upon arrival in the music studio with the 10 songs to record them and in this way through a joint cross-border cooperation will record a CD.

Place and time: Virovitica, January 2018

In charge: B2


Mini conference for profesors and leaders of artistic groups of schools

At the begining teachers will presenting their own experiences, prepared on the HU and HR language in order to include lectures and university professors. It lasts 2 days and include the cultural facilities - concert in the Concert Hall Kodaly of Pécs and a tour of the cultural heritage of Pécs. Materials exhibiting's written will be collected and be printed in HU and HR with extract on EN, as a jointly developed document, called "Mini collected paper“, that could be used after project.

Place and time: Pecs, February 2018

In charge: B1


Musical playgroup

Activity of music workshops will include the days of "Open Door" in B2. Musical playground will be held in the morning hours at the music school where children between 7-10 years get a chance to get acquainted with different musical instruments and parts thereof. The objective of musical workshops is to motivate children to encourage them to enroll in music school.

Place and time: Virovitica, May 2018

In charge: B2


Joint presentation of the project

In the permises of the Leade Beneficiary will be hold a jointly presentation of implementied activities. Best songs students will sing in the main hole of LB, also best trained dance will be shown by backround of the best musical knowledge of students from B2. Video clip will be release and will show students on workshops and what they have learned on them. Assemly will sing few songs so the atmosphere is more festivity it will be filming so that one DVD will be developed and printed.

Place and time: Virovitica, June 2018

In charge: LB


Closing conference

At the end of project the beneficiary 1 is going to present the project implementation, expected and achived results and outputs, implementation period and will give simbolic gift to the participants of closing conference.

Place and time: Pecs, June 2018

In charge: B1

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